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Best Tool Belts for Electricians


Boulder Bag Ultimate Electricians Combo is rated Best Overall Tool Belt on the market by Ask the Electrician Guy,

Check out the rating right here:

Top Features

Boulder Bags are manufactured in the USA. Not everyone has heard of them, but those who have comment positively on the value and durability.

Durability: The ULT 104 Electrician tool belt combo is made of Cordura with an extra coating to stand up to a fair amount of abuse.

No one likes for a product to only last months. It’s not unheard of for this tool belt and pouches to last 8-10 years. (Of course, remember that there are always those who are really hard on their possessions. I’m not going to out my friend though.)

Organization: As you can see, there is plenty of space for all the tools you might want to carry as an electrician. The pouch on your right starts out with a tape chain and tool clip. The main compartment is divided with one interior pocket and 2 exterior pockets. For slots, you get 5 interior and 6 exterior. I should mention that there is also an interior utility knife pocket.

Now for the left pouch. There is a large interior pocket and exterior pocket. Plus there is a nice upper Velcro pocket with 4 elastic slots.

So this baby is quite well organized and you should be able to develop a nice working rhythm. Oh – and I shouldn’t forget to let you know that there is a hammer holder as well.

Comfort: The belt is padded with thick closed-cell foam. If you want to add a suspension system, you’ll be happy to know that there are D-rings on the belt where you can attach suspenders.

Key-Takeaway: Lighter material made of tough Cordura and a midway price forms a nice marriage in this Boulder Bag Electrician Tool Belt Combo. To boot, I really like the length of time many users have been able to use their bags.