All About Boulder

The Best Designed & Built Tool Belts in the Industry!

Boulder Bag has been the leader in comfortable, quality Tool Belts since its founding in 1987.  Boulder was started by industry experts looking to make a high quality, made in the USA tool belt for Professionals. We are proud to continue to lead the industry after more than 30 years of continued excellence.

Comfort, Quality, Made in the US

Our products are simply the best made Tool belts and pouches in America. They are incredibly strong and can take whatever punishment your job can throw at it. Yet, our products are lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable. No wonder Boulder continues to be the #1 brand in the USA.

Boulder Bag’s team of professionals are dedicated to providing excellent products, excellent service, and an excellent  customer experience.


James Endicott

Managing Partner/Owner

James is a lifelong investor/executive/entrepreneur responsible for building multiple success stories. James brings his many years of business experience to building Boulder into a world wide brand.

Kevin Unbedacht

Managing Partner/Owner

Kevin is an ultra experienced executive with 20+ years of C level experience in Tech/Shipping/Manufacturing. Kevin brings his experience and leadership to Boulder as we shape and build the brand.

Dusty Litster

Sales & Marketing

Dusty is our go to man and works daily with companies and brands around North America. He’s also a skilled broadcaster and can do play by play for just about any sport.

Tobie Kent

HR/Office Management

Tobie has over 30 years of HR/Office Management experience and is vital to Boulder Bag's success

Jony Ramirez

Warehouse Management

Jony is the go to guy for managing not just the warehouse, manufacturing, ordering, fulfillment and more. With over 25 years of experience in warehouse management, Jony is the go to guy.

Beverly Endicott

Product Design