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7 tips to find the Perfect Electrician Tool Belt

There is an old adage that states -


'A place for everything and everything in its place'

This applies to your tool belt, too. You will want to be sure to include every tool you need on your tool belt so that you can complete the job at hand. Take the time to think about which tools you will need for each project that you take on, and then take the time to make sure that you have included those tools on your tool belt. You'll thank yourself in the end!

Perfect Electrician Tool Belt

No matter how many times you've used your tool belt, you should always make sure that your tools are still organized and in good working order. You don't want to be two-thirds of the way through a repair job and realize that your hammer is broken or that your tape measure is missing. This can waste valuable time, which may cost you the job.

7 tips to find the Perfect Electrician Tool Belt

  1. Make sure your Tool Belt is Made in the USA - quality and durability will be dramatically better. Every aspect of the belt will be stronger, better made with better materials. boulder bag manufactures all of their tool belts in the USA.

  1. Belt Options - Is there more than one kind of belt to choose from? Most manufactures force you into their 1 belt type. Boulder gives you options like the leather tipped belt or the quick release belt. Having more than 1 option can help you find the right fit.

  1. Durability - They say you get what you pay for. So many "nice" looking tool belts are made overseas and generally only last 1-3 years. You might save a little money up front but you'll pay more in the end for a cheaply made tool belt. Boulder Bag tool belts are known to last 8+ years. One happy contractor used his same belt and bags for over 20 years. Now that is quality! Sure there are lots of big brands like Milwaukee and Dewalt but a massed produced overseas product is probably not what you are looking for.
    1. Warranty - Make sure there is a good warranty in case of a manufacture default. Boulder Bag has a 3 year warranty.

  1. Customer Service - there is nothing worse than buying a product and struggling to get good, fast customer service. Boulder Bag is famous for it's quick and award winning customer service.

  1. Color Options - Who doesn't like options. Most top belts come in a one size, one color fits all. At Boulder Bag we offer multi colors and multi bag designs to meet your needs. Our newest color is a cool backwoods Camo.

  1. Price - Interesting enough, the two companies we see as our most direct competitors charge nearly double the price for their belts. Why the big difference in price? I suppose they believe customers will pay it so why not charge as much as possible. Boulder Bag has a different attitude. We provide the best quality tool belts eat the lowest possible price. But there are cheaper tool belts? Sure there are and the quality, materials, and craftsmanship are cheaper as well. Once again, you get what you pay for!

If you are looking for a new electrician tool belts. Check out boulder bag and see what a high quality American made tool belt for electricians can do for you!

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We really ARE made in the USA
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Many Color Selections
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Military Grade Fabric
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More Colors...
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Many Slots for your tools

Boulder Bag has been the leader in comfortable, quality Tool Belts since its founding in 1987. Our products are simply the best made Tool belts and pouches in America. They are incredibly strong and can take whatever punishment your job can throw at it. Yet, our products are lightweight, durable, and extremely comfortable.

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