Mini Electrician Connect-A-Pouch - ULT130

Mini Electrician Connect-A-Pouch - ULT130

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Mini Electrician Connect-A-Pouch includes:

The Boulder Tool Belts and Bags are designed for the professional that knows exactly what they need, and exactly where they need it. With Boulder you'll work better and faster using our well organized bags. Tools you use will always be within a quick, easy reach. Our design provides for simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.

Designed by Professionals for Professional. Our pouches have plenty of pockets and loops to hold tools upright and accessible.

Boulder Tool Belts

Boulder Tool Belts and Pouches are simply the best made bags in America. They're incredibly strong, so they can take whatever pounding comes their way. Yet lightweight, so they don't take it out on you.  Boulder Tool Belts manufactures the finest quality Cordura® Classic Nylon tool belts, tool pouches, tool bags and accessories for the construction and electrician industries. Boulder products are rated #1 in the industry for a reason. Great Quality and Great Value.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gary Lindblom
Awesome bags

These bags are so good my helper took my old ones and I got a couple of new ones. They are great quality and very affordable.

Drew Skelton
Industrial Facility Maintenance

In my role as the facility maintenance electrician at a production facility I needed something to hold wire nuts for a lighting retro fit project, but could be dropped as soon as my phone rang. And also didn't spill when on my cart. This was the perfect solution for what I required. Another win for Boulder Bags.

Nathan Mathews

Connect-A-Pouch Mini Pocket - ULT660

yong he

It has a lot pockets for electrician tools and deep enough to hold tools. Best one so far. Thank you boulder bag.